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Understanding the Human Evolution

320px Ape skeletons Understanding the Human EvolutionEverybody must be known as a product of evolution. Many people believe that they are comes from a process that called as an evolution. The human evolution is not really believable until there are some theories that tells us about the evolution itself.

Well, evolution is the change over time in one or more inherited traits found in populations of individuals. Not only human that comes from an evolution, but also the other population such as animals. But, as the best creature in the world, human often questioning about where are they comes from. The Darwin Theory said that human comes from the evolution of the apes.

The inherited traits that comes up in an evolution, usually talk about the anatomical, behavioural, or biochemical that comes from one generation to the next and next generation. Darwin said that evolution is an endless forms, it is the most beautiful and most wonderful. Well, when we talk about evolution, maybe it will never end, and always comes up in generations. No wonder that Darwin said that evolution is an endless forms. It may happened over people’s life. Again, and again.

In general, there are four common mechanisms of evolution:

Natural selection

Natural selection is a process in which there is differential in survival and the reproduction of entities that differ in one or more inherited traits. Maybe, there is a multiple level of organizations, such as a different survival or reproduction of organisms, populations, or gene variants.

Genetic drift

There are a random changes of the proportions of two or more inherited traits in a population.The other random changes in a population, maybe a genetic hitchhiking.


This is the important part of human evolution. It affect phenotypes that expressed in accross multiple levels of organizations.

Gene flow

A gene flow is the incorporation of genes from one population to another different population.

Well, maybe when we talk about evolution, this four types of human evolution could be used as a basic pattern of thingking, why is evolution important to knew by every people.



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