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Shopping in Venice

images 101 Shopping in VeniceGoing to Italy is probably everyone’s dream. Honeymoon, holiday, conference, whichever reason, Italy has been one of the most wanted cities to visit. Venice, located a city in northern Italy which is renowned for its beauty, is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable Italian tourist destinations. Shopping in Venice is one of the must-do things when visiting this City of Water. As in every developed tourist destination, shopping in Venice accounts for one of the most beloved leisure activities. The ‘Queen of the Adriatic’ combines, in unrivalled way, a cozy  and romantic atmosphere with countless shopping opportunities for every taste and pocket, from hearty family-owned souvenir shops to large modern shopping malls and classy boutiques. Shopping in Venice offers souvenirs, antiques, clothes, fashionable accessories and fresh food; in short, Venice will not dissatisfy.

Given the uniqueness of City of Water as a tourist destination, it is not surprising that souvenir production has long ago turned into the leading industry in Venice. The most appealing local specialties are the world-famous masks and costumes, and also glassware and model gondolas. The best place to visit and to do shopping in Venice is the district north of Campo Santo Stefano, as well as the San Barnaba area, where tiny art-and-craft shops are at every corner. Most of the ‘typically Venetian’ goods are made in China, but tourists can still find some authentic merchandise at reasonable prices. The spectacular Venetian carnival masks and costumes can be found throughout the city and are really the most characteristic objects of Venice. Hundreds of mask makers offer their products with an immense diversity in design and colour. Especially popular and prestigious for shopping in Venice is the manufacturer of Laboratorio Artigiano Maschere in Castello.


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