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Long Distance Relationship While in College

images 12 Long Distance Relationship While in CollegeIn senior high school, maybe we have a boyfriend or girlfriend that we love. And while we are graduated from high school and go to the university, we are very grateful. But, what will happen if you and your girlfriend or boyfriend got the university but in different countries? Of course, believe it or not, you have to choose a long distance relationship. This kind of relationship is not easy to do, but there are some tricks to keep the long distance relationship happy and not really hard to deal with.

Maximize the functions of technology

Nowadays, the technology just makes us feels easier in life. We can never expect anything from technology, but technology just cut the time and also cut the distance. Use cellphone, internet, emails, messengers, or webcam chat with your lovely one. Don’t forget to keep in touch everytime you can in order to keep in touch in relationship, and make you relationship healthier.

Send the old fashioned mail to remembering your past with him or her

Card and gift. Send it to your lovely one address. They will surprised and love you more.

Make sure to meet him or her in a period time

In example, you plan to meet her or him once in a month, or once in two months. You must be miss him or her, and this is the most right step.

Pay attention to all the details

Share all your stories. You may know everything, and she or he also. Be transparent.

With those tips, hope the long distance relationship while in college just going as well.



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