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Guide to Saving Costs in Food for College Student

1002foodcost Guide to Saving Costs in Food for College StudentAs a college student, usually we are apart from our parents. And then, we live by the monthly money that our parents send for us. In the beginning of month, usually we take a lot of money, but in the last date of a month, our money is very limited. As a college student, we eat by ourself, so we have to choose the cheap but lovely food. Thus, we have to saving costs in food in order to feels safe in the last date of a month.

Maybe, when we live with our parents, usually we eat pizza, pasta, or maybe ramen noodle that has a little bit high price. But it doesn’t matter because our parents will pay it all. If we are at home, usually we also eat our mom’s food, and we don’t need to spend any money if we want to eat at home, how often it is. But being a college student, we have to be selective in choosing foods.

Saving costs in food is very important because we need to manage money while in college. Many college needs like photocopy, buy some books, is more important than delicious foods. The tricks is, choose a restaurant with foodstamps service. If you collect 5 stamps or 10 stamps, you will got free foods and it will gain you a lot. Beside that, you can go to the supermarket and get any big sale foods. Usually, you can cook it by yourself. Psst, there are some sample foods on supermarket that you can try, so that you can saving costs in food.


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