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Eating Chocolate May Reduce Brain And Heart Disease Risk

4742 img one Eating Chocolate May Reduce Brain And Heart Disease RiskEveryone knows that chocolate is a delicious meals. Chocolate has been in our everyday snacks, cakes, and drinks. In addition, eating chocolate could protect the most crucial organs in human body, which are heart and brain. Nowadays, some scientist did a research about chocolate’s function and benefits to the human organs.

The good news is consuming more chocolate can reduce the heart disease and stroke risk. However, the bad news is the scientist warned the people to not eat chocolate overly. That would cause other illness issues. So, control the chocolate consumption to get healthy.

This research was done by the University of Cambridge scientists. They took samples of a group of people and compared the people who eat low quantity of the chocolate with high quantity eating chocolate. They would compare about the risk level of chocolate toward the brain and heart.

The research showed that people with high level consumption of chocolate have 37 percent reduction of the heart disease risk, and 29 percent reduction of the stroke risk. That result was compared to the people with low level of chocolate consumption.

Dr Oscar Franco said that chocolate was known as blood pressure decreasing. He further explained that the results were “promising”, but there would be further study to confirm the benefits of chocolate toward heart and brain.

The research also showed the negative result that chocolate could cause the weight gain and type 2 diabetes. The protective benefits would have some great effects to the organs if the sugar and fat content was reduced.

If somebody really loves chocolate, from now on, start to eat chocolate in small amount or regular amount. The result and evidence might have some benefits to reduce the heart and brain but further research would be needed to seek the cause.

The researchers said that they could not start to suggest people to consume a lot of chocolate based on the research. The research still has some imperfections.

So, eating chocolate might be good for people’s health but not too much eating it. For those who want to reduce the heart disease risk, there are many alternatives to start than eating chocolate.


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