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Artficial Heart: Bringing Back to Life

61 Clipboard 1 273x300 Artficial Heart: Bringing Back to LifeIn the 21st century, as the technology develops, the remarkable invention in medicine and medical devices develops as well. The medical devices could help human with body impaired and also organ function failure, the most commonly is heart. Many people around the world die because of heart attack. Therefore, researchers and doctors created advance medical devices that can plump the blood, called artificial heart. The invention on the medical devices is surprising and inspiring. And it could change the illnesses are treated. Moreover, the devices may save your life.

The first patient who received Total Artificial Heart implant was Angelo Tigano. A lucky 50-year old Australian who gave new hope for other 86 patients for transplantation. He got the artificial heart on last August. His heart was removed and fitted with a device which replaces the left and right heart ventricles. The ventricles are responsible for pumping the blood. The artificial heart can pump 9.5 litres of blood per minute.

Before he received the ‘new’ heart, Tigano could not walk more than few steps without gasping breath and also could not eat or sleep. He was such a lucky man who received the Total Artificial Heart since if he did not receive it, he would not be able to live more than two weeks. The device is one of the most successful medical devices that allow people who have heart disorder to make heart transplantation. Within a year, this artificial heart will fit to five patients. Moreover, there will be modification of it, which the device will get smaller for smaller people.

The device is not new thing in the medical invention. The device has been transplanted to more than nine hundred patients in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The first patient who received the device is a 54-year-old Indian patient in Bangalore. His heart is implanted with a ventricular assist device called Ventrassist. There is a similar device in Singapore called Heartmate II. The device is to improve the life of failing heart patients while waiting for a heart transplant.

Tigano and other hundreds of patients around the globe are the proof of the medical device invention, the artificial heart. The device has proven to make hope for other failing heart patients out there who are still waiting for a heart transplantation.



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