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Apple That Substitutes Caffeine

coffeeapple 300x245 Apple That Substitutes CaffeineAn apple is a famous kind of fruit. We all know that apple has many benefit for our body. It contains a lot of fibers that our body need so much. Apple also contains vitamin C that our body need the most. But, do you know the other benefit of apple for our body?

Many researchers ever believe that apple can help people fight against the flu. This research just made several years ago. And now, there is a research that could help you find the other benefit of apple for our body. Believe it or not, nowadays, many researchers believe that apple just can keep you awake. The researchers has proved this hipotese and they are said that in an apple, there is something that can make you stay awake, with the same effects like when you consume a cup of coffee or a baguette of Panera Bread. So, the researchers keep said that apple is the most healthy way to keep you stay awake. They are prefer consuming apple to coffee or other caffeines.

Although apple can help you to stay awake, but many researchers believe that apple does not contain any caffeine at all. Even, apple contains 13 gram of natural sugar, which is healthier than the 4 grams sugar you use to stir at your cup of coffee. In other words, apple is contain natural glucose. Based on this fact, we all know that eating an apple is much better than drinking a glass of coffee to help you stay awake.

Apple just can keep you awake, especially because of the skin, which is contains a lot of vitamin. Even, there are many benefits when you choose apple as the substitutes of coffee. You can stay awake without jolt of energy, mood swings, and no crash as the coffee and caffeine give. Although apple just can keep you awake, it cannot replace the regular coffee routine altogether, but it definetely be a healhtier way to keep you stay awake.


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