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Understanding the Human Evolution

Everybody must be known as a product of evolution. Many people believe that they are comes from a process that called as an evolution. The human evolution is not really believable until there

Business Technology Trends You Must Watch

Through work and research, there have been some technology trends that will help shape businesses and the economy in coming years. 1. Distributing co-creation The Internet and related technologies give companies radical

Nuts to Help Fighting Heart Disease

A research said that eating nuts everyday is good for your health. As we all know, nuts is a kind of snacks that comes from a natural plant. Based on the research,

Grapes to Help You Losing Weight

Grape is a kind of fruit that can be found anywhere. Well, many people likes grape because it has a delicious taste and rich of vitamins. But, don’t you know that grape

Chichen Itza in Yucatan Peninsula

Mexico’s most popular tourist destination is probably Chichen Itza. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As one of the most important archaeological sites on Earth, it is one of the New
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